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I am a creative director with a rich tapestry of skills that converge seamlessly to redefine the boundaries of creative excellence. My journey spans a spectrum of capabilities, encompassing audio production, graphic design, video editing, front-end development, and an extensive array of management proficiencies.

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Johnny Lee Williams

Creative Director & Designer

Growing up in the streets of San Pedro, CA, music and art were always a part of Johnny’s life. From a young age, he could be found sketching and painting, expressing himself in ways words couldn't. But it was his passion for music that would become his greatest calling. At just 13 years old, he found himself drawn to the world of music production. With little information or technology available, he had to figure it out on his own, experimenting and learning from trial and error. But his determination and creativity paid off. He developed his own unique sound, and by the time he graduated with a degree in Audio Engineering, he was already making waves in the underground music scene. As he continued to work as a recording studio audio engineer and producer, he caught the attention of top underground and mainstream artists, leading to collaborations that would take his career to new heights. His passion for music and his technical expertise earned him a reputation as a creative force to be reckoned with. But his talent and drive didn't stop there. He also lent his skills to help his friend bring a streetwear brand named Elay to life. His background in graphic design and project management made him the perfect addition to the team, and his contributions played a crucial role in the brand's success. In the present day, Johnny is applying his talents to help build communities for Pro audio gear, Web 3, and various other companies by developing their social media and marketing strategies. He uses his technical expertise, creative flair, and business acumen to create eye-catching content, build strong relationships with customers, and help companies experience significant growth in their online presence. He has been known to use his creativity and innovative ideas to take businesses to the next level. In his free time, Johnny has a thirst for knowledge and self-discovery that extends to metaphysics, spirituality, and the human experience. He achieved a degree in metaphysical science, focusing on meditation, yoga, and mysticism. He incorporated these teachings into his daily life, bringing a sense of peace and gratitude to everything he did. He was known for his humble and introspective approach, always seeking deeper truths and connections in life. Despite his impressive achievements, he remains humble and modest, valuing peace and gratitude in his personal life. His passion for art and music, combined with his technical expertise and experience in branding, make him a one-of-a-kind creative force.


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